Ways to raise orders of flowers

1. online e-shop

The order can be raised in the e-shop on our website

This way of ordering is convenient, quick and very easy. You simply mark the selected product and the order system will take you through easy steps to finish the order. Every accepted order is immediately confirmed by email sent to the email address provided by you. (the order may contain a gift message as part of the bouquet, delivery address, date and delivery time, and you can also provide additional information regarding the order). Registration is not a condition for the order.

2. by phone

We are available every day on +420 777 993 360 from 8am till 9pm. We deliver the bouquet to you anywhere in the Czech Republic.

3. by email

You can email your order to Do not forget to state the following.

Buyer: name and surname, address, telephone number, email

Recipient: name and surname, address, telephone, email, date and time of delivery, selected items (name), text to be included in the gift card, payment, any other information regarding delivery. We will immediately email you a confirmation of your order



1. by card online

In case the order is raised and confirmed, our system will point you directly to the payment gate of the bank where you will input necessary information about the bank card. You will receive an email with the status of your payment. This way of payment is fast and convenient. We will deliver the bouquet on the same day when you raise the order. When paying by card, all information is confidential as the payment via internet is secure. (more information about secure payment through internet can be found on "secure payment" )

My card payment didn’t go through, what shall I do?

In the event your card payment didn’t go through, it can be due to a few reasons; the problem isn’t often on our side but you can have the following problems with your card:

The payment system may be overloaded; therefore you can make the order again.

The card may not be suitable for Internet payments.

Payment by card can be assessed by a bank as a transaction that is not credible but this typically happens in case of customers living outside the Czech who pay into the Czech; therefore, the bank can refuse the payment.

Insufficient amount of funds on your account

In case the payment didn’t go through for any of the aforementioned reasons, it is not a problem to pay by transfer based on payment details which were sent automatically to your email and then email us a confirmation about the payment, possibly make a print screen of the monitor which shows the transaction. Based on this confirmation your order will be arranged.


2. payment by PayPal

3. payment by bank transfer

In case of a bank transfer you will receive complete details about the transfer to your email address you have given. As the only company, we do not require the payment to be credited to our account before the bouquet delivery; it is sufficient if you email the confirmation about your bank payment to; based on that confirmation we will deliver the bouquet to the address as required by you. Thanks to this we are able to deliver the bouquet even on the same day of raising the order.

4. cash payment into our account

In case you choose to deposit cash into our account, select payment by transfer when raising the order. After closing the order you will receive full details for making the payment. You can deposit cash in any branch of the Czech Savings Bank to our account. After depositing the cash, you can call us on +420 777 993 360. We immediately check the payment on our account and then there is nothing preventing us from delivering the bouquet to the address as requested by you as per your order

5. invoice payment

Payment by invoice can be done after a previous agreement with our operator on: +420 777 993 360



price for delivery you can find here.



Where can you deliver bouquets?
We can deliver the bouquet anywhere in the Czech !!!!

Can I include a gift message?
Yes, if you wish to, we will include a gift card with text. You can input the text in the box in the second step of the order. We will write the text on the card which will be placed in the bouquet.

How fast can you deliver the bouquet?
The bouquet will be delivered at the time specified by you in the order; you can select the exact time and date. In Prague, we are able to deliver the bouquet within 1 hour since receiving the order. Within the Czech we can deliver the bouquet within the day you raise your order. (anywhere in the Czech)

When do you deliver?
We deliver bouquets 7 days a week anywhere in the Czech

 How can I pay for the order?
You can either pay by your card online, by bank transfer or by depositing cash into our account held with the Czech Savings Bank; in case of payment by card we know immediately that the payment was made by an email confirmation; in case of a bank transfer we don’t wait until the amount is credited onto our account – it’s sufficient if you send a confirmation about the transfer to our email address:; when depositing the amount to our account directly, we can see the payment immediately. All information regarding the payment will be sent to your email address after completing the order.

Will you deliver the bouquet today if I want to pay by bank transfer?
Yes, we will, you need to send a confirmation about the bank transfer to our email address. What is a bank transfer confirmation? Every bank is able to send a confirmation about a transfer of funds after making a payment. The second option is to send a ‘print screen’ of the payment.

Do the bouquet prices include delivery?
No, they don’t, you need to add the delivery prices. The delivery prices can be found at the top of this page.

Is the delivery anonymous?
Yes, the bouquet delivery is totally discrete; the system is set up so that nobody can find out who ordered the bouquet. We guarantee that.

Is the payment by card secure?
Yes, more about security of card payments can be found here

Which card can I use?
It is possible to pay by Visa, Visa Electron, Master Card, Maestro.

Can I order the bouquet when I live abroad?
Yes, you can order a bouquet from anywhere in the world.

I want to send a bouquet but I only have a phone number of the recipient.
Never mind, you can send us a phone number, we will sort out the rest.

Will you send a tax receipt - I need it for my accounts.
Yes, when paying by card, we will email you an invoice immediately; in case of paying by a bank transfer, we will send you an invoice after the amount is credited to our account.

Is it possible to deliver a bouquet directly to the funeral?
Yes, it is our standard service.

Yes, the flowers come from the Dutch flower market. The amount of flowers distributed from our shops is so huge that it is impossible for the flowers to be older than 1 day.

Who delivers the bouquets?
The flowers are delivered by our flower service, trained how to handle flowers so that they are delivered in a good condition.

I’d like the bouquets to be delivered to my employees in different parts of the CZech; are you able to ensure delivery?
Yes, we will ensure delivery anywhere in the Czech; we only need a list of addresses. We will arrange everything and you can pay by invoice afterwards

What is the difference between the sizes of bouquets – small, medium, large, extra large?
The size of bouquets differ by a number of individual flowers, small bouquets have 7-9 pcs, medium 13-15, large 17-21, extra large 25-31; all bouquets are complemented by green leaves and decoration apart from flowers by individual roses.

Can I buy a specific number of roses?
Yes, in the second step of the order you can write to the box ‘a number of flowers’ a number you request, the system will generate the total price. Then you just finish and confirm the order.

Which languages do you telephone support people speak?
Our operators will help you in Czech and English

How will I find out if the bouquet was delivered?
Most of the time the reaction from the recipient is so fast that you know almost immediately after the delivery. It can also be confirmed by our operators on: +420 777 993 360